LEKA PRODUCTS offer for all care use in industry, business and household highly effective, proved products. Bottles for shops, cans for business use and containers up to 1.000 kg for industry. Our Products are ideal for businesses of the building cleaning and the processing of vehicles. They are extreme effective and yet thrifty in the use. In addition ecologicalally unobjectionable because no poison materials at all are used and on the use of solvent extensively renounced becomes.

System care of LEKA PRODUCTS brings back intensively used vehicles its brightness and that certainly "new-car-smell". Effective however protective components of the LEKA PRODUCTS even surface scratches let disappear and strongly weathered varnish again mint look. For faded plastic parts ( bumper and dashboards etc.) we offered a plastic-cleaner in our program, that really earn this name. Dirty seats, carpets and textile roof skies become with the carpet cleaner the newly look back. And unpleasant aromas extirpate our Smell-Absorber that causes nevertheless without addition of perfume material. LEKA PRODUCTS, the motor vehicle-cleaning branch, a highly effective care system offer, with the results outstanding in shortest time obtained become.

The system care by LEKA PRODUCTS is like created for that hard insert in business and industry, e.g. large kitchen, office room, car-cleaning-companys, production firms and object display. For all type of dirt and deposit (dust, fat, chalk etc.) on the most different surfaces, we have the corresponding care in different packing sizes in the offer. And what in the commercial everyday life its efficiency under proof places, perform obviously also in the household outstanding services. Also for this product group counts: choice between our standard-containers, bottles produced specially for you, or your own cans.